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My First Doll's House

My First Doll's House

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Build and decorate your very own doll’s house!

Children will enjoy this creative construction activity where they get to build a doll's house and then decorate the rooms with all the items in the generous kit supplied. Bring your dolls to life as you make up new stories for them each time!

Main Intelligence: Bodily-Kinesthetic
Skills: Creative manual skill
Learning Objectives: Using various construction techniques; Bringing characters to life; Working with different materials; Inventing stories
Topic/Context: Doll's House
Game Type: Craft Kit

Instructions: My First Doll's House

Quick Instructions: Follow the steps to put the doll's house together. Create a range of colours of modelling clay by mixing them together, as outlined in the instructions. The modelling clay can be used to create your own household items like a pot plant or a cushion. It is also what you will use as a base for sticking the character cut-outs onto, so that they can stand up.

Then cut out the characters, wallpaper, windows, furniture, and household items, etc. Choose which wallpaper to put where, apply glue to the paper and adhese to the walls. Position all furniture items in the house, be creative with where to put the glitter, and decorate with all the other items and art supplies!

Once the house is completed, children can be prompted by an adult with the three roleplay scenarios provided in the instructions. Using their imaginations, they can create the scenes and take it anywhere from there!

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